🐐Free plan

basics to get you started


  • Customizable short & long term limits
  • Ability to set different limits per weekday
  • Rich watch time statistics over last 30 days
  • Ability to block editing settings once you run out of limits
  • Pop up to easily see the state of the limits
  • Option to set custom redirect URL & custom accountability text

🦖Premium plan

powerful accountability & customization features

Only $5.99/month or $5/month with yearly billing

Included all free features and:

🦄Addict plan

when you need serious help

$59.99/month or $50/month with yearly billing

Included all Premium features and:

  • Monthly check in
  • Additional resources on how to fight digital addictions
  • Access to supportive community
  • And more!

You can download watchlimits completely for free. No account or subscription is required.

But with the free version you only get basic features and they might not be enough for you...

Maybe the watching temptations are very hard to resist for you and you need a little extra help of a password protection. Or maybe you are a parent and want to make sure your child won't mess with the settings.

Premium gives you better accountability options and more customization. Compared to the value of the time saved with it, cost of the subscription is a total bargain! We also have an "Addict plan" for those of you who are really special.

And now you can also try it out Premium with 7 day free trial!