You can download watchlimits completely for free. No account or subscription is required.

But if you need more advanced features, you might need a Premium Plan. For that you need to sign up for watchlimits and purchase a subscription.

You might also want to purchase the subscription just to keep yourself from the temptation of uninstalling the extension 🤔. Sunk cost is a powerful motivator for some people!

Free plan

basics to get you started


  • Customizable short & long term limits
  • Ability to set different limits per weekday
  • Rich watch time statistics over last 30 days
  • Ability to block editing settings once you run out of limits
  • Pop up to easily see the state of the limits
  • Option to set custom redirect URL & custom accountability text

Premium plan

get the best experience

$5.99/month or $5/month with yearly billing

Included all above and:

  • Allowing certain YouTube channels to not count against limits
  • Password protection - perfect for parents and people without great self control
  • Other features... (to be developed, request features here)
Sign up or Sign in first before upgrading.