Chrome extension to help you limit excessive video watching, but still be able to enjoy it

It's hard to stop in the moment, but you can set up rules for yourself in advance.

If you hit your limit, watch limits will stop you from spending too much of your time on watching until enough time passes. Similarly to a budget, watch limits will help you get better control of your time.

People who save time with watch limits:


Our time and attention are precious and we need to be in control of how we spend it

How it works?

  1. Install the extension from chrome web store

    Watch Limits is a chrome extension and can be easily installed by clicking "add to chrome" in chrome web store, but should also work with other browsers that are chrome compatible like chromium.

    Once you install the extension, we recommend that you pin it to your browser toolbar for convenience. You might also need to accept the permissions and check that the extension is enabled.

  2. Customize settings or use default ones

    Watch limits ships with a set of default settings that are pretty generous, so they shouldn't block you straight away, but eventually they might!

    It's easy to adjust the settings though, so that they better fit your individual needs.

  3. Watch the videos at leisure

    And that's it! As you watch videos on selected websites, watch limits will count it against your watching budget and record the stats.

    It only counts on websites like or and the video has to be visible and playing to count.

    This extension is privacy centric so it won't run on all websites, only ones explicitly listed and enabled in permissions, so you don't have to worry about your sensitive data.

  4. Quickly check how close you are to the limits with a popup

    When you are watching, you can easily access the extension with the toolbar and see how much you watched already and how much is left.

    It's also easy to get from popup to the extension's pages and see more settings and statistics.

  5. Get limited if you exceed your limits

    If you keep watching, you will eventually hit your limits.

    The extension will prevent you from watching more, to ease the transition there will be a 60 seconds to make it less sudden and give you a chance to adjust the limits (if you don't disable that option beforehand).

    See a demo below:

  6. Check out the stats of your watching

    If you don't measure it, you might have no idea how much time you are actually spending watching.

    With watch limits you will have access to last 30 days of stats.

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What makes Watch Limits unique?

Different types of limits to accommodate short term and long term habits

Regardless if you problem is binging within one sitting or just spending more time on watching within a month that you would like, we've got you covered.

Privacy & Security first

Watch Limits is only enabled on a small number of sites that are related to video content, so there is no need for it to be on all the sites you visit.

If you worry about your privacy and security, we've got you covered! Watch limits can work in totally offline mode.

Features to help you stay accountable

Deciding your limits is one thing, sticking to them is a different matter.

You can decide if the limits are adjustable after they are exceeded and we plan a series of additional accountability related features to help you stick to your commitments.


Watch limits is available for free, but you can pay for it if you want via Gumroad to support its development.

Video content being addictive is a big problem and we plan to always have a great functional version of the extension available for free.

However, we also believe that there is a space for some more premium features like better analytics and accountability. If you are interested about hearing more and be on a short list for premium Watch Limits users, sign up below.