Watchlimits started with the support for just YouTube and Netflix to offer the best experience. However, those are not the only platforms people watch videos on.

Another popular ones are amazon Prime Video, DisneyPlus and Crunchyroll (last one is specifically for Anime). That was a pain for some of watchlimits users as not all of their watching activity was counted or limited.

Now all of them are supported!

Which means that they will show in watchlimits stats and count against your watchlimits limits. If you watch too much you will be limited!

So you can use watchlimits to not only limit watch time on YouTube or Netflix, but also on Amazon Prime Video, DisneyPlus and Crunchyroll.

And you can even use it for a pomodoro variation animedoro to both get more done and watch more anime in the process… (yes, it’s for real)

Don’t worry about binging on your favorite content. Enjoy it within your limits. Get watchlimits today.