Some of the worlds best educational content is on YouTube, if it’s productive it shouldn’t count against the watch time limits in watchlimits!

You are right, YouTube videos are not for entertainment only. It wouldn’t be fair if watching a lecture counted against your fun budget!

To cover this need, watchlimits is releasing “Allowed channels”. It’s available in watchlimits 0.0.10 and above.

How it works?

There is a new section in the settings called “YouTube integration” and you can add allowed channels there.

A channel can be added using its URL.

To find the channel URL, you can click on the avatar under the video to go to the channel site and then copy the URL from the top bar to the extension settings.

There is also another, easier way. You can use the extension popup to add it using a button for adding the channel.

To add allowed channels, you need a watchlimits account and an active subscription. For limited time only, you can ask for a discount code by messaging

There is also a video showing how the feature works:

Why only up to 5 channels?

So that you use them wisely! The point isn’t to allow all sorts of channels!

Just the ones that are truly productive for you, so you will have to chose carefully.

What about stats?

Time you spent watching videos from allowed channels doesn’t count against your limits, but you can still see it in the stats if you wish so.

If you change your allowed channels, the stats will be recomputed. This means that if you add a channel and you spent some time watching videos from that channel, then it will decrease your watch time. On the other hand if you remove the channel from the list of allowed channels, it might increase your past watch time.

Be careful with that or you might get blocked!

What about blocking?

You can watch the content from allowed channels without worrying about running out of your watch limits or being redirected. Even if you run out of your limits on not allowed channels, you can watch allowed channels as much as you want.


Since 0.0.10 version of watchlimits you can add “allowed channels” that will not count against limits, so you can watch your favorite educational content without worrying about exceeding watch time limits.