Watchlimits, since the version 0.0.21 has a functionality to set schedules with “blocked intervals” when watching is not allowed, regardless of your limits.

When to use limits and when to use schedules?

You should use schedules when it matters more when you are watching than how much you are watching. You can still combine schedules with limits, however schedules will take precedence and block watching even if no limits are exceeded.

What could “blocked intervals” help you achieve?

Here are some main examples:

  • Avoid missing out on sleep caused by staying up late watching - by blocking the time when you are supposed to be sleeping
  • Stay focused on you work during your work time - by blocking the time when you are supposed to be working

And more!

How does it work?

You need to go to the Schedules tab in watchlimits extension page. It is only available for Premium users (which you can try out for free!).

You can add up to 3 blocked intervals when watching will not be allowed. You can select times within 24h clock with 10 minutes granularity, e.g. 9:40 to 17:10. The schedules will use the timezone of your computer. For change to take effect, you need to click “Update blocked intervals” button.

When the time is within the schedule but you are still watching, you will be blocked similarly to as if you have exceeded your limit. You will see a dialog and will be given some time before you are redirected to either settings or your custom page.

What if I want to set time for allowed time instead?

Hypothetically, if you only want to be able to watch 17-22, set the blocked interval from 22 to 17. All the time when watching is not blocked will effectively be time when it’s allowed.


Schedules can be a powerful tool as often when we do things can matter more on how much we do of them. I hope you will enjoy combining them with watchlimits limits.