The latest update to watchlimits introduces watchlimits accounts! Should you care? Maybe…

Watchlimits will continue to work even if you don’t have an account or if you aren’t logged in.

There is a new tab: “Account” where you can find links to create a new account and log in. You can even buy a subscription to watchlimits to use premium features.


The problem is that there aren’t any premium features yet… so basically the only motivation right not to pay is to create a sunk cost to prevent yourself from uninstalling the extension :D. Is that worth it? Maybe for some people!

But don’t worry, more features are coming!

Next premium features

The first feature I am planning is a better youtube integration where you can allow certain productive channels than will not be counted against the limits.

Another feature I am planning is “pay for additional watch time” if you want to watch more - it’s intended to prevent you from watching more as that would cost you (not just time, but also money). It would be fully optional.

Another feature I am planning to add is “finish current video” even if you are past your limit.

Want something else?

Do you have other suggestions? That’s great! Please message @attilczuk on twitter or fill this form.

Why premium and subscriptions?

Well, for any product to be sustainable it needs to earn money. I would be happy to support a free version of watchlimits forever and help people save time. But to justify the ongoing development and costs of running it I would like to make it profitable. It will also help me to get it in front of more people.

I hope to make it valuable enough to people to justify paying for it. Our time is precious, so a tool that helps save it should have value too.

I will appreciate your support!